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5% Discount to The Wiggles Shop
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Once you have become a Fan Club Member, you will be given the option to upgrade your membership to
Fan Club Plus, for
these additional benefits:

Double your discount to
The Wiggles Shop to 10%     
$5 discount off The Wiggles
Tour Merchandise at      
The Wiggles' concerts     
Access to Concert presales*
Wiggles Gift Pack [?]     
( Valued at over $55 RRP )

* Presale tickets will be made available to The Wiggles Fan Club Plus Members based on the ticket agencies being able to provide pre-sale tickets. The Wiggles cannot guarantee that pre-sale tickets will be made available for every Wiggles concert. If pre-sale tickets are made available by the ticketing agency, The Wiggles will send out a presale ticket tour alert, with related information, and update The Wiggles’ website. The Wiggles do not control the type of tickets made available via the Pre-sale. The advantage of presale tickets is simply the ability to purchase tickets prior to general release, however The Wiggles cannot guarantee that your presale tickets will be "the best" tickets.


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